Kitty Time

I really love my kitty time.  I love to play and play and play.  The humans only seem to wake up when I’m having too much fun though.  I really liked the little human’s bulbous toy that rocks back and forth while I claw at it.  The big hairy human calls it a punching bag.  I’ll punch holes in it and see what happens.  They have the weirdest toys.

The hairy human wouldn’t wake up last night, despite my calling him as loud as I could.  It just wouldn’t budge.  So, I figure I will leave it a special note in my native tongue since it suddenly doesn’t understand it.  Enjoy the puke on your seat when you’re eating your vittles in the morning….HUMAN!



April 20….The humans celebrate a weird day called Eeestar….I don’t know what this is all about….or where they find the crazy birds that poop out those eggs….but I really need to find out.