All these shiny things and nowhere to pounce

My nemesises….nemesis…nemesi?  Whatever…The humans have planted a tree in the big room in the front of our home.  They put all sorts of shiny balls and twinkly, dangly things….right in my eye site.  They chase me every chance they get.  They celebrated Crismus?  Is that what they call it?  They celebrated it by giving each other boxes of colorful paper.  They chased me away from that to.  Crismus is a holiday where you give things to other humans?  What about your feline overlords?  You plant a tree in the room and expect me to not destroy all of your precious shiny dangly things?  You tear this colorful paper up and throw it right in my face, then don’t expect me to play with it?  You humans baffle me.  For one day, though, you left me in peace.  I appreciate that.  Enjoy your Crismus but please next year leave the tree outside if you don’t want me to climb it.  Oh yes…and of course…Die.


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